the website for Hollesley,
Boyton, Capel St Andrew
and Shingle Street

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Welcome to our website, covering the Suffolk villages of Hollesley, 
Boyton, Capel St Andrew and Shingle Street, located in the 
picturesque Sandlings peninsula east of Woodbridge near the North Sea.  
Hollesley from the Air - Mike Page (copyright)

    Are you searching for a place to visit or to stay for a holiday which is off the beaten track,
    but reachable ?  Then welcome to the website for the Suffolk villages of Hollesley, 
    Boyton, Capel St Andrew and Shingle Street.  The pace of life is slower here, but your 
    days will be filled with variety and interest.  Great countryside, the coast and wildlife are 
    close for you to enjoy.  If you like walking, cycling, photography, bird watching, painting, 
    writing or just meandering, the peace and beauty of the pine-dotted landscapes beneath 
    the great Suffolk sky will delight you.  This cluster of small villages and hamlets lies near 
    the southern tip of the Sandlings Peninsula, renowned for its wild and beautiful coast, 
    tracts of inland heathland, forests and open farmland.  When you navigate these pages 
    or look at our Picture Gallery, we think you will see why we are excited by what's here. 
    We look forward to sharing it with you.  
                  VILLAGE MATTERS
   1.   Road Closures.  {i} Woodbridge Walk on 
         1st September and {ii} Colony Road on 
         9th September.  Diversion Maps {i} and

   2.   Latest Hollesley Tower 200 Club winners
        -  January 2015
        -  February 2015
        -  March 2015
        -  May 2015
        -  June 2015
         - July 2015

    This month's winners were 
    'Wonderful' and £27 was 
    raised for their chosen charity - 
    Macmillan Cancer Care.  Well 
    done to them !
    The Charity Quiz is held on the last 
    Sunday each month at 8pm in the 
    Shepherd & Dog pub in Hollesley.  
    Call Quizmaster Nick on 01394 
    411150 for details.
 The Place (Just42) is a mobile 
 Youth Club that can be found in 
 Hollesley Village Hall car park 
 every Weds. from 7 - 9 pm 
 (term time only). 
 Why not come along ?  More 
 details here.  Our programme
 of 2015 event is here.
                     Picture of the Month.
  Picture of the Month feature has been discontinued
  as no photos have been submitted for nearly a year.
  However, a gallery of all previous entries can be seen here.
   Village Voices monthly magazine is produced 
   entirely by local residents and funded by local 
   advertisers.  It is distributed free in Hollesley, 
   Boyton, Capel St Andrew and Shingle Street.
   You can see the latest issue here or download 
   previous copies (in PDF format) from our 
   archive here.
   Subscriptions.   Do you know someone who 
   would like to receive copies of Village Voices?  
   Subscriptions are available at a cost of £12 for 
   12 issues including postage within the UK.  The 
   rates for overseas are considered individually.

   Please send the recipient’s name, address and 
   telephone number together with a cheque for 
   £12 payable to 'Boyton PCC’ to : Debbie Pipe, 
   4 Mallard Way, Hollesley, Suffolk  IP12 3QJ.
     Pauline Austerfield publishes her recipes in Village 
    Voices magazine under the heading 'From Our 
    Country Kitchen'.  

    The more recent recipes have been put together 
    on a single webpage.  See them here.
20 Walks on the Deben Peninsula
  Twenty of the walks featured in the Village
  Voices magazine are now published in an 
  easy-to-use book.  More details here.

  You can now e-mail your photos from any of the 
  walks to appear on this website !  See here. 
 New Edition !   20 More Walks Around the Deben is now 
 available from shops in Hollesley, Alderton and Browsers 
 bookshop in Woodbridge.  Price £4.99.
 Hollesley Parish Council supports the website in conjunction with Village Voices,  the local monthly 
 magazine that covers the four communities.

 Please note that the opinions expressed in this website or in the Village Voices magazine do not 
 necessarily reflect the views or policies of the editorial team.