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                                                          LOCAL SERVICES

    Hollesley, Boyton and Alderton all have well-positioned village halls that are available for hire, with main halls and smaller 
    'committee' rooms.     

     Hollesley Village Hall  is a superb village amenity for all types of events.  Ideal for 
     family parties, dances, concerts, live bands, children's parties and wedding receptions.  
     It has excellent facilities - a well-equipped kitchen, bar area, a superb dance floor and 
     a stage with an integrated sound system.  Committee rooms are also available for hire 
     for smaller events and meetings.

     Now with FREE HIGH SPEED WiFi !   Access details on notice board in hall.

     Very reasonable hiring costs :  £7 per hour regular rate (£9 for non-Hollesley residents).
                                                          £70 for a party/disco      (£120).
                                                          £30 children's party - for up to 4 hours  (£60).
                                                          £300 for a wedding reception (£400).

     The hire charges have been increased from 1 September 2017, the first increase since 2011.  
      For a more detailed list of the current hiring charges, click here.
     A fully refundable deposit of £150 will be charged for one-off events such as parties.

     For bookings and further details, ring Meryl Montague on 411458..

     Boyton Village Hall (picture right). 

     Hiring rates : Hall hire                         £5 per hour (10am - 11.45pm). 
                            Wedding reception      £120 (inclusive)
                            Private party or disco  £30  
                            Meetings                       £15 each
                            Children's parties        £5 per hour (up to 4 hours)
                            Coffee morning etc.     £5 per hour

                            Items also for hire (marquee, tent, chairs, tables, crockery).

      For bookings and further information, contact Val Murray on 01394 410117.


  Alderton Village Hall

    Alderton village hall is situated off The Street, just north and opposite of Mill Lane.
    The hall has recently been refurbished and modernised.  It is now at a standard where it can be used in the event 
    of an emegency, e.g.  flooding. The works included insulating the building, updates to heating and redecoration.
    The village hall has a kitchen, serving hatch, toilets (including disabled) and a store room. 
    There are chairs and foldaway tables.
    The village hall is available for hire for any occasion. 

    For bookings and further information, contact Diana Loughlin on 01394 410325.