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Parish Councils.

Hollesley, Alderton and Boyton have Parish Councils.  Capel St Andrew has two Parish Councillors but it shares a Parish Council with
nearby Butley and Wantisden.  Shingle Street is situated within the parish of Bawdsey.

Parish Councils are statutory bodies that are funded by a precept on the council tax and councillors are elected for a period of four 
years.  Councillors have no declared political allegiance and work voluntarily in their own time, and each Council employs a Parish 
Clerk to record proceedings and implement its decisions.

     Boyton Parish Council.      The following councillors are on the Council.

                                                               John Carpmael (Chair)          Tel.  411717
                                                               Alison Crawford (Vice Chair)         411717
                                                               Richard Jesty                                
                                                               Gary Lowe                          
                                                               Jessica Richardson
                                                               Malcolm Lane

                                            Clerk :         Gerry Bathe.                               411376

               Further information on Boyton Parish Council can be found here.

     Hollesley Parish Council.     The following councillors are on the Parish Council.

                                                                   Chris Walker (Chair)               411173
                                                                   Helen Lewis (Vice Chair)
                                                                   Jane Daly
                                                                   Colin Beecroft
                                                                   Cyril Stammers
                                                                   Tom Daly                                   
                                                                   Tony Barnard
                                                                   Trevor Burbridge
                                                                   Michael Friend
                                                                   Steve Young
                                               Clerk :          Judi Hallett                   01394 411405 or 07739 411927
                                                                   E-mail : 

         Hollesley Parish Council meetings are held in the Committee Room at Hollesley Village Hall, usually on the first 
         Thursday of each month (except August).   Details including dates, agendas and minutes can be found on the 
          new website at

    Alderton Parish Council.   The following councillors serve on the Parish Council.

                                                                 : Christopher Langley (Chair)     410003
                                                                   Nick Rose (Vice Chair)
                                                                   Ruth Clark
                                                                   Robin Gilbert
                                                                   Darren King
                                                                   Diana Loughlin
                                                                   Alex Mann
                                                                   Will Palmer
                                                                   Bill Vaudrey
                                               Clerk:            Joy Andrews                        411596
                                                                   Email :

        Alderton Parish Council meets on a quarterly basis in June, September, December and March, but more frequently if 
        matters demand.  The AGM and Parish meetings are held in May.