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                                                                 LOCAL SERVICES

Medical Facilities

Doctors' Surgeries

The nearest NHS GP practice is the Peninsular Practice located in Mill Hoo, Alderton (about 2 miles south of Hollesley).  It is
the surgery allocated for everyone living in the locality.  There are three GPs, a number of supporting nurses, affiliated staff and 
a dispensary on site.  More details can be found on the practice website at

A booklet has also been produced giving full details of the Practice.  This can be viewed or downloaded here.  

N.B.  There have been some changes to the opening times of the GP sessions - these are shown in the document here. 


Although there are no dentists located in the local villages, there are a number of dental surgeries in Woodbridge (about 
6 miles away).  Details can be found in the local Yellow Pages or BT telephone directory.

Veterinary Surgeons

The nearest Veterinary Surgeons are to be found in Melton and Woodbridge (about 6 miles away).  See your Yellow Pages or BT 
Telephone Directory for more details.