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                                                             LOCAL SERVICES
Parish Councils.

Both Hollesley and Boyton have Parish Councils.  Parish Councils are statutory bodies that are funded by a precept on the council tax 
and councillors are elected for a period of four years.  Councillors have no declared political allegiance and work voluntarily in their own 
time, and each Council employs a Parish Clerk to record proceedings and implement its decisions.

    Boyton Parish Council.      Councillors :  Keith Lilley (Chairman)
                                                               Nicola Cassy
                                                               James Greenwell
                                                               Ivan Clark
                                                               Fred Stentiford.

                                            Clerk :          Allan Hall.

               Further information on Boyton Parish Council can be found here.

     Hollesley Parish Council.     Councillors :   Dennis Driver (Chairman)    Tel. 01394 411707
                                                                   Cllr. Rosie Clarke (Vice Chair)             411490
                                                                   Chris Walker                                     411173
                                                                   Tim Crane                                         411744
                                                                   Angela Lawrence                               410203
                                                                   Colin Beecroft                                   411794
                                                                   Alan Shelcott                                    411144
                                                                   Chris Clement                                   411636 (shop)
                                                                   Jenny Friend                                     411739
                                                                   Cyril Stammers                                 411732
                                                                   Ray Whiffen                                      410057

                                               Clerk :          Noelle Gore                                       411032

             All Hollesley Parish Council meetings take place in the Committee Room at Hollesley Village Hall.  Details of
             dates, agendas and minutes can be found here.