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                                                              LOCAL SERVICES


There is a limited bus service that links the village communities with Woodbridge and beyond to Ipswich, and the nearest railway 
stations are located at Melton and Woodbridge.  There is also a Community Car Service run by volunteers for people who cannot 
get to a GP or hospital appointment.  Details of all of these are given below.


There are buses that link the villages in the local community with Orford, Woodbridge and onwards to Ipswich.  Routes 71 and 71A  
are operated by Far East Travel and Country Travel.

An excerpt from the timetables is given below, but the full timetables can be seen on the Parish Council notice boards.

                               ROUTE 71      Orford - Woodbridge  (Mondays - Saturdays)

                                                     Orford Market Hill                       0705     0929     1052     1233     1442     1643                            
                                                     Capel St Andrew Phone Box       0719     0943     1106     1256     1456       -
                                                     Boyton Dock Farm Road            0723     0947     1110      1300     1500       -
                                                     Hollesley Oak Hill                      0728     0952     1115      1305     1505
                                                     Hollesley Duck Corner                0731     0955     1118     1308     1508
                                                     Melton Railway Station               0741     1005     1128     1318     1518     1708
                                                     Woodbridge Turban Centre          0748     1012     1135     1325     1525
                                                     Woodbridge Railway Station          R*      1014     1137     1327     1527
                             ROUTE 71        Woodbridge - Orford  (Mondays - Saturdays)

                                                     Woodbridge Railway Station       1015     1145     1345     1555     1755     1825
                                                     Woodbridge Turban Centre         1017     1150     1350     1600     1800     1827
                                                     Melton Railway Station              1024     1157     1357     1607     1807     1834    
                                                     Hollesley Duck Corner                           1207     1407     1617     1817        -
                                                     Hollesley Oak Hill                                  1210     1410     1620     1820       -
                                                     Boyton Dock Farm Road               ------------    Request    -----------------
                                                     Capel St Andrew Phone Box                  1217     1417     1627     1827
                                                     Orford Market Hill                      1051     1231     1440     1643     1843       -

                             ROUTE 72/72A  through Alderton, Bawdsey and Sutton has been cancelled wef 6 July 2009.
                                                     It has been replaced by an 'On Demand' minibus pick-up service operated by Suffolk Link.
                                                     To book a ride, telephone 0845 604 1802.  More information is available on their website
                                                     at  The fares are similar to bus ride fares, and concessionary
                                                     passes are valid.

                                                     R* - On Request only

           More detailed timetables are available on the official website here.  Enter the Route Number, click on 'Search' and then select 
           the route from the list.
Community Car Service

This service is available for anyone in this area who cannot get to a hospital or GP appointment using public transport.  The charge 
for this service is 40p per mile and the people to contact are:
      Janet Gardiner (Coordinator) on  01473 639866 
       or Colin Beecroft                         on  01394 411794.

For more details of Suffolk County Council's transport options, visit   For Community Car Services and other
local transport information, visit the website at and click on 'Suffolk'.
The local railway network is run by National Express East Anglia . The nearest railway stations are at Melton and Woodbridge (about 
6-7 miles away) on the line where trains run between Ipswich and Lowestoft. About 10 trains a day operate in each direction from Monday 
to Saturday and seven on Sundays. 
From Ipswich station, there are frequent trains to London (Liverpool Street) and Norwich as well as a service to Peterborough and 
The latest local train timetable (in PDF format) can be downloaded here.