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Local Heroes of World War One by Val Dudley

                                                                              Those Who Died in World War I

  The names of those who gave their lives in World War I have been taken from the 1914-18 war memorials in Alderton, Bawdsey, Boyton, Hollesley, 
  Ramsholt and Shottisham.  The five who lived in Shingle Street are shown on the memorial in Hollesley.

  The names are given below.  Click on the name for more details.
   Alderton  (13)

   George Baker
   Arthur C Barham
   Ernest Brundle
   Frederick Dunn
   William H Emmens
   Frederick Friend
   Samuel Garrod
   Charles Gibson
   Sydney Hubbard
   Arthur Spurling
   Stanley Venn-Ellis
   William Whyard
   Herbert H Wright
    Bawdsey  (12)

    William A Bailey
    Malcolm Baker
    Charles Bridges
    William J Cady
    Jonathan Clouting
    William H Dunn
    Ernest E Ford
    Guy Jordan
    Charles Lennard
    John AC Quilter *
    Reginald Shelcott
    Stuart Webber
  *  John Quilter's name also
       appears on memorials
       in Shottisham and 
    Boyton  (5)

    Samuel Bloomfield
    Arthur Charity
    Arthur C Gross
    Samuel Reeve
    Charles Ward
    Hollesley  (23)

   Albert Andrews
   Albert Branch
   Arthur Branch
   Lionel Clarke
   Robert Disbery
   Thomas Dyer
   Mark Ford
   George Lawrence
   William M Middleditch
   William Miller
   William O'Sullivan
   Bertie Pettitt
   Joseph W Pettitt
   Bertie Pottle
   George Arthur Pottle
   Sidney Pottle
   Ernest Prew
   Wesley Prew
   William Prew
   Percy Rozzier
   Arthur Sawyer
   George Sawyer
   Arthur Stollery
     Ramsholt  (6)

     Albert E Banyard
     George A Butt
     Edgar Chambers
     Horace Chambers
     Charles W Clarke
     Charles W Cook
     Shingle Street  (5)

     William Comley
     William Gibbs
     Henry Langmaid
     James Langmaid
     Robert K Whyard
    (These appear on
     the war memorial
     in Hollesley).
    Shottisham  (6)

    George Ambrose
    George Cook
    David Jolly
    George Maltser
    Charles Nicholls
    Frank Wiseman