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There are many places to eat and drink in the area, and most pubs provide food at lunchtime and evening, although some 
do not open seven days a week. 
Please note that an entry on this page is not necessarily a recommendation.  Also, these lists do not show ALL such 
establishments, so any suggestions for additions would be welcome.

HOLLESLEY       The Shepherd and Dog                              01394 411855              
                                The Street, Hollesley  IP12 3QU  
SHOTTISHAM    The Sorrel Horse Inn                                 01394 411617    
                                Hollesley Road, Shottisham  IP12 3HD    
RAMSHOLT         The Ramsholt Arms                                   01394 411229
                                 Ramsholt, Woodbridge   IP12 3AB

SUTTON               The Plough                                                  01394 411785
                                 Main Road, Sutton   IP12 3DU
ALDERTON         The Swan                                                     01394 411366     
                                 The Street, Alderton   IP12 3BL
WOODBRIDGE    Ye Olde Bell and Steelyard                       01394 382933
                                 103 New Street, Woodbridge  IP12 1DZ

                                 The King's Head                                        01394 387750
                                 17 Market Hill, Woodbridge IP12 4LP

                                 The Bull Hotel                                            01394 382089   
                                 Market Hill, Woodbridge  IP12 4LR      

                                 The Cherry Tree Inn                                  01394 384627  
                                 Cumberland St., Woodbridge  IP14AG    
                                 The Red Lion                                              01394 382484
                                  Thoroughfare, Woodbridge  IP12 1AL

                                 The Anchor                                                 01394 382679
                                 19 Quay Street, Woodbridge  IP12 4BX

                                 The Old Mariner                                        01394 384446
                                  26 New Street, Woodbridge  IP12 1DX

                                 The Sekforde Tap                                       01394 382660  
                                 76 Seckford Street, Woodbridge IP12 4LZ  
                                 The Angel                                                    01394 445091
                                  Theatre Street, Woodbridge    IP12 4NE

                                 The Crown                                                   01394 384242  
                                  The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge IP12 1AD

                                 The Seal                                                       01394 386347 
                                 Old Barrack Road, Woodbridge   IP12 4ET

MELTON               The Wilford Bridge                                    01394 386141
                                  Wilford Bridge Road  Melton   IP12 2PA

BUTLEY                 The Oyster Inn                                          01394 450790
                                  Butley, Woodbridge  IP12 3NZ


Indian Harvest Restaurant                              01394 411366
The Swan, Alderton  IP12 3BL

Prezzo                                                                01394 610401
1 Church Street, Woodbridge  IP12 1DS

The Galley                                                         01394 380055
21 Market Hill, Woodbridge  IP12 4LX

Riverside Restaurant                                        01394 382587
Quayside, Woodbridge  IP12 1BH

The Bull Hotel                                                  01394 382089
Market Hill, Woodbridge  IP12 4LR

The Spice Bar                                                    01394 382557
The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge IP12 1AA

The Golden Panda                                            01394 384493
3 Cumberland Street, Woodbridge P12 4AH

Seckford Hall                                                     01394 385678
Woodbridge  IP12 6NU

Shapla Indian Restaurant                                 01394 387126
1A Church Street, Woodbridge  IP12 1DS

Royal Bengal Indian Restaurant                     01394 387983
4-6 Quay Street, Woodbridge  IP12 1BX

Kwan Thai Restaurant                                     01394 388338
21A New Street, Woodbridge IP12 1DY

The Froize Inn                                                  01394 450282
Chillesford, Woodbridge IP12 3PU