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                                         HOLLESLEY 2009 SUMMER FETE - PRESENTATIONS
    As a result of the record amount of money raised at this year's fete (£3,375 !), the organisers were able to hand out cheques for 
   larger sums of money than usual to the local deserving causes.  The presentations took place on Thursday 17th September, and the 
   cheques were presented by in each case by Stewart Austerfield, the chief organiser of the Hollesley Fete.

   A photo gallery of the presentations appears below, with captions giving details of the beneficiaries and people receiving their 
   cheques from Stewart.   Click on a picture for a larger image.
 Fred Stentiford receives cheques 
 on behalf of Hollesley Church, the
 Bell Tower Appeal and Hollesley
  Janice Wythe and Lois Bridgeman 
  receiving a cheque on behalf of 
  Hollesley Pre-School 
  Cllr. Rosie Clarke, on
  behalf of Hollesley RDA
  (Ridng for the Disabled
  Tracy Pettitt receives a cheque
   for the Suffolk Punch Trust
    Di Barnard receives a 
    cheque for the Welcome 
     Sarah and Carol Anderson, 
    Sophie Middleditch, Nick and
    Felix Parry from the Hollesley 
    Youth Group
  Dennis Driver, from 
 Hollesley Village Hall
   Dave Mason and Nick  
   Mason, for the Suffolk
   Wildlife Trust
     Presentation Group Picture 1
     Presentation Group Picture 2