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                                                     Hollesley Summer Fete and Fun Dog Show
The day dawned grey, humid and still.  Many an eye was cast upwards and dozens of fingers were crossed, but Stewart Austerfield was in luck, and the 
thunderous outbreaks forecast by the weather men came to nothing. 
As advertised, you could buy food, clothes, books, craft items, plants and bric-a-brac, or you could play gladiators, bounce on the castle, admire Charlie, 
the magnificent Suffolk Punch stallion, or goggle at the giant rabbits.  Wafting across the field came the appetising aroma of burgers, chips, sausages and 
other delights, against a background of music from the excellent bands.  Meanwhile, the Hollesley W I was hard at it in the Village Hall - what would we do 
without the hall? - producing teas and cakes.  Lots of stalls sold lots of things: lots of people chatted and enjoyed themselves, and lots of money from sales 
and the raffle swelled the funds of deserving local causes. 
In short, the day was everything a village fete should be: fun, entertaining, profitable, useful, and a celebration of life in Hollesley and the other villages.
Thank you, all you people who worked hard to make it happen and contributed in so many ways, and thanks also to the people who visited the fete and 
guaranteed its success.  A list of sponsors and local businesses who contributed appears below, as well as the names of individual helpers.  If I have
missed anyone out, please forgive me.  (Stewart Austerfield).

A photo gallery of the occasion appears below.  Click on a picture for a larger image.  A list of the prizewinners can also be seen below.
2009 Fete prizes, winning numbers and names

1.  £100                                    00026    Myrtle Gilligan
2.  Shepherd and Dog meal        01481    Bishop family
3.  £50 clothing voucher             02383     D J Roberts
4.  Champagne                         00188     Mervyn Butcher
5.  Scotch Whisky                    01164    ' Ian'
6.  Champagne                         00187    Mervyn Butcher
7.  Ufford Park Family pass        01323    Sam Mann
8.  £30 Quality Clean Voucher    02618    Selina Coles
9.  Liquidiser                             02228    Sue Gilligan
10. Reflexology                         01622     Beryl Bull
11. Reflexology                         02273    Jenny Shand
12. Cointreau                            02350    Chris Adam
13. Red Rose Chain Tickets      02048     'Anderson'
14. Hamper                              00428     'Bennett' 
15. Riverside Theatre Tickets     02221     Ann Horne
16. Planter                               01081     Roz Dean
17. The Natural Dye Studio        00038     Eileen Andrews
18. Walking stick                     02640     Jean Smith
19. Brandeston Gold 
      Suffolk Ale                         01710     'Hardidge' 

Fruit                           John Parry
Wheelbarrow               'Plumb'
ITFC signed football     'Ben' 

''Gamble a Pound'      Tracy Jackson, 
helped make the fete such a great success :

Peter Scopes. 
Richard Pipe Engineering, 
Cathy McRorie Mac's Cleaning, 
Robin Smith Electrical, 
Mike Vester Atlantic Rigging, 
The Hon. Mrs Jo Bradbury, 
Cyril Stammers, 
Ted Dewing, 
Andy & Sue Stebbens Run Cottage, 
Sue Stagg Reflexology, 
David Friend Heating, 
The Glebe, 
John Finlay Motors, 
Shepherd & Dog, 
Chris & Carol at Hollesley Post Office Stores, 
Riverside Theatre/Cinema, 
Red Rose Chain, 
Nelson Potter Wood Products, 
Natural Dye Studio, 
The Sandlings Centre, 
Ufford Park Hotel, 
David Shepherd TopMan/Arcadia Group, 
Tom Harrison Pringle, 
Steve Beney, 
Bridget & Neil Farrer Puffa Clothing, 
John  Earl Soham Brewery, 
Jean Wilkinsons Rosettes, 
Salters Pet Nutrition, 
James Leggett Mortier Fams, 
Joe Baker. 

Tara and all at the Suffolk Punch Trust, Richard Debbie and Chris & Rachael Pipe, Phillip, Naomi, & Susy, from our very own Village Band "Not Yet" 
plus Sam and Gang from Wetheringsett Abby, Joe, Luke, Charlie, & Alfie from "Used To Be Blonde" who put on great music. 

Barry Rey, Len Busby, Rosemary Busby, Denise Stanley, Shirley Gillard, Gina Forsyth, Joan Churchyard, Joan Croome, Jane Harper, Nan Marshall, 
Judith Bailey and all the ladies at the WI, Les & Judith Andrews, Sue Manning, Lucy Butler, and all the Dogs who came on the day, 

The leaflet delivery team from Village Voices, the editorial team from Village Voices, Rosie Clark, Joan Butcher, Trevor Whitney, Lynn and 
all at Hollesley School, Sam Shannon, Cyril Stammers, Di & Tony Barnard, Nigel Bingham. Fred Stentiford, Pat Shannon, Angela Lawrence, 
Bev from Puffa Clothing, Ray & Val Dudley, Kerry and all at Hollesley Pre School, Pam Thomas, Di Whitney, Karen Pankhurst, The Police        
Community Support Officers, Andy Warne & Trudy Sharman, Priscilla St Ledger, Jackie Aufenast, Wendy & Mike Adams, Jill Cocksedge & 
Grandaughter, Jo & all at Hollesley Youth Group, Mick & Hilary Sheard from Yorkshire, Mrs Silburn, Pauline Austerfield, Mark & Heidi Harris, 
Karen Elliot, Elaine Curtis, Ann Lennard, Helen Shand, Judi from Manor Farm, Thelma Pankhurst, Dennis Driver, Christine Gillespie, Danny & 
Sue Bethell, Jonathan & Laurie Forsyth, Sue Miller, Mr & Mrs Meggs, Tom and his gang from the Shepherd and Dog for great food, Pete & co 
from the Coastguard's, Suffolk Coast and Heaths, Christine with her Giant Rabbits, Farm to Form.