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In October 2009, a 'Picture of the Month' feature was introduced.  This encouraged people to send in their photographs of
local scenery or events, and a different one would be displayed each month on the Home Page of the website.  This page shows
all of the pictures, each with its title and the name of the sender.  Click on a picture to obtain a larger image.
October 2009
'Shingle Street in the Mist'
by Mike Adams
November 2009
'Birch and Pine - Upper Hollesley Common'
by Laurie Forsyth
December 2009
'Sunset East Lane'
by Cheryl Gray

January 2010
'Digosaurus in
Mallard Way'
by Angela Lawrence

February 2010
'Boyton Gate
by Hilary Steed
March 2010
'Gateway, Shingle Street
by Anne Page
April 2010
'Spring Crocuses
by Helen McLeod
May 2010
'Spring Tide'
by Cheryl Gray
August 2010
by Angela Lawrence

October 2010
'A Walk in the Woods'
by Pauline & Stewart Austerfield

June 2010
'Blackthorn Flowers'
by Laurie Forsyth
September 2010
'Butley Harvest'
by Laurie Forsyth
July 2010
'Hollesley Church at Sunset'
by Kim Dewing
November 2010
'Rainbow, East Lane'
by Jez Day
February 2011
'Box Hall in Winter'
by Carole Anderson
March 2011
'Woodbridge Swing Band'
by Helen McLeod
January 2011
'Hollesley Church in Winter'
by Kim Dewing
December 2010
'Sunrise in Hollesley'
by Frank Berry
April/May 2011
'Shingle Street'
by Ann Youngs
June 2011
'Open Garden Event'
by Laurie Forsyth
July 2011
'Ramsholt Sunset'
by Roy Clark
August 2011
'7 Spot Ladybird'
by Nick Mason
September 2011
'Dragonfly' by
Grant Williams
November 2011
'Boyton Feeding Time' by Robert Steed
January 2012
'Vapour Trails' by Hilary Steed
February 2012
'Shingle Street Sunrise' by Kim Dewing
March 2012
'Flamingo, Boyton Marshes' by Laura Bradley
June 2012
'Full Moon over Boyton Dock' by Robert Steed
August 2012
'Hollesley Poppies'
by Angela Lawrence
September 2012
'Oak Hill Storm Brewing'
by Charlette Walker
December 2012
'Hollesley School Fields'
by David Kershaw
March 2013
'Hollesley from the Air'
by Mike Page (copyright)
April 2013
'Beach Wood, Covehithe' by Laurie Forsyth

August 2013
'Storm over Boyton' by Sarah Cooper

March 2014
'Ramsholt Sunset' by Gary Pezzotta

May 2014
'Short-eared Owl, Shingle
Street' by Mike Fox

October 2014
'Deben Serenity' by Kim Dewing
November 2014
'Garden Fungi' by Micky McBurnie